Hellraiser - Deader
Hellraiser Deader is yet another installment in the long running Hellraiser Franchise. Hellraiser’s main character “Pinhead” is  horror icon, and one of the most recognisable characters in the horror genre. I don’t know how to feel about this film, it is not a bad watch but still left me feeling very underwhelmed there is so much potential with a a character like this and I feel that the producers of this one are letting us down with a movie that watches  more like TV show than a full feature film. Overall not a bad story line, it just doesn’t live up to the potential a character like pinhead has.

Maybe they ran out of ideas for Hellraiser Deader? Money? Who knows? Pinhead barely makes an appearance in the film…. Best advice is to see the original films, 1 through to 3 are great but after that the subsequent films got a little to “samey” for my liking most probably not even gaining cinematic release.

I couldn’t find a youtube link to the movie   … but no matter anyway.

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