Starship troopers -

 Starship Troopers has been widely panned by critics, but I have to say I really liked it. Brought to you by Paul Verhoveen who was responsible for ROBOCOP this has  similarly dark feel to the not too distant future.

The film itself is set in a future where an alien like arachnid / bug race has waged war on Earth. Dutiful citizens are being rallied to join the fight against the bugs known as “Klendethu”. Amongst the students at the military academy the fight are Johnny, the good looking but not too smart student who gets sent off to his almost certain death to fight in the infantry, his girlfriend Carmen who scored much better grades in the academy and gets to pilot a starship and (incredibly cute) third wheel Diz who has the hots for Johnny bad.

Some great special effects and alien creatures make this film look incredibly authentic. The “blood and guts” factor is nothing to be sneezed at either. Some reasonable star power in Neil Patrick Harris and Denise Richards also adds to the films credibility.

Overall  Starship Troopers is a great bit of fun. I do think if one is prepared to look deeper into the film there’s a little (not too much) to think about. It  is also a great film to sit back and turn the brain off to and just enjoy the guts and violence that comes with an intergalactic conflict of this magnitude. The aliens look magnificent and the action scenes are fluid and never hammed up. This is top shelf violence! 


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