Another one featuring the much esteemed Vincent Price. One of the best things to come out of doing this blog was to discover the acting talent of this man. The Fall of the House of Usher was no exception. As soon as the opening credits rolled, I noticed it was directed by Roger Corman. Seriously? The master of cinematic cheese? Directing a classic of Gothic Literature?


Once the filmed opened it was clear that this was a well shot, well produced and well scored film. Released in 1960 it was even a box office success for that year! Anyway The plot revolves around young Mr Winthrope who has come to the house of Roderick Usher to re-unite with Rodericks sister Madeline, with whom he has fallen in love back in Bostonand promised to marry. On arrival to the house he is greeted by the servant and told that his fiancee is bedridden and not to be disturbed. The servant lets him in to meet the Master of the house Roderick. Roderick does not want the two to unite. But why? Madeline and Winthrope are obviously in love.

As Roderick spends the night at the rather large and extravagent house he starts to realise there is somethin sinister going on with the Roderick, his sister Madeline and the house. Things start to get stranger and stranger. The true mastery of this story is the suspense and atmosphere it creates without getting cheesy. There are no CGI or any technology to rely on in this film. All practical effects.


As with many films of the era, there is no real amounts of gore. Some minor amounts of blood but that’s about it. The film relies on plot (which was never going be a problem with a Poe story) and the director Corman’s ability to re-create that atmospher, and Price’s ability to pull of the lead character. Everyone in the film and Corman rise to and beyond the mark to create something rather special. The visuals in the film are lush and extravangent. Price does a superlative job of creating Roderick Usher for the screen. Music is scored perfectly for the movie and plays a large role in creating the moods and tension of the film.

Overall, there is nothing that I can fault with Fall of the house of Usher. while it falls short in extremity (given many of the films reviewed in this blog) I would put this as an essential peice of viewing for both entertainment and historical purposes.


Diary of a Madman
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Diary of a Madman
House on Haunted Hill
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Edward Scissorhands(minor role)

For more great horror movie reviews be sure to check out on a regular basis!

For more great horror movie reviews be sure to check out on a regular basis!

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