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THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – the next generation (1994)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation

THe Well, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Next Generation is an interesting film. I’m not sure on the continuity of this one, and how it relates to part 1 and 2. Is it a reboot or a…

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THE EXORCIST 2 (the heretic)

THe Exorcist 2

The Exorcist 2 had some massive shoes to fill after the legendary effort. The first film is universally regarded as one of the best horror films of all time. Sadly this one fell short. Well short. Not to…

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Just wanted to send a big cheers and out to AEA (Auto Erotic Asphixium Zine) for their review / plug on their zine! hopefully we can get a few more metal heads over to read this blog as…

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Ok, now that the site has been around a couple of years we’ve obviously got a fair few reviews that you guys can go back and read thru! They’ve all been listed on the “Reviews” page which you…

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Since starting this blog a couple of years ago… I’d like to think I’ve made some progress with this thing and really enjoyed doing it. When I first started it, the site struggled to get 10 hits(views) a…

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