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Virus is yet another movie I bought on a punt, mainly because it had one of my all time favorite scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis in it, so if it sucked, at least she’s always worth a look….

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Stepen Kings Thinner

I guess pretty much everyone reading this is aware and probably a fan of Stephen King, this time round it’s THINNER that gets the Gorenography treatment. This is a really cool story from a master story teller revolving…

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FRIDAY THE 13th part 5

Friday the 13th part 5

Well, its that special time of the year, so in honor of this day it was only natural to put on the next installment of what was for many years the most popular horror franchise in the world,…

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Inseminoid, as the title and cover art on the box suggests is a cross over science fiction / horror movie. I had been keen to check out this movie for a while so I was happy to finally…

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Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is an amazing movie. I’d assume anyone reading this would know this film chronicles the life and times of one Charles Manson. This is the 2004 telling of the tale in a made for television two…

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Nothing left to fear

I have to admit the major reason my curiousity in Nothing Left to Fear was piqued was the fact that guitar playing legend, and horror movie afficionado Slash was billed with production credits and was apparently responsible for…

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the frighteners

I’d been busily haunting the second hand shops looking for a copy of The Frighteners for a while now and was extremely happy to finally get my greasy mitts on one! Believe me it was with great anticipation…

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Ok, Incubus is one movie I didn’t even know that I had in my collection. I have to say as a cover it didn’t stand out, but I couldn’t think of anything else to watch, so why not…

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Giallo is a relatively recent piece of work from acclaimed horror director Dario Argento. The movie opens up with a rogue cab driver (or maybe uber) who is kidnapping pretty young ladies and taking them back to a…

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The Belko Experiment

Whoa! The Belko Experiment is one freaky film! The plot revolves around a highly secure office building with something like 80 or so employees… they come to work on this day like they do everyday suspecting nothing of…

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