Month: July 2016

The Call Girl of Cthulhu (2015)

The Call Girl of Cthulhu

The Call Girl of Cthulhu Obviously the Call Girl of Cthulhu is not something to be taken too seriously. Probably best enjoyed with either a few drinks or the day after a big night when you don’t have…

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FROM HELL (2001)

From Hell

I really liked From Hell.  With star power like Johnny Depp and Heather Graham in it, it was never going to be a slapped together half cooked film. Of course, both Depp and Graham do amazing jobs at…

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Cattle Decapitation - forced gender reassignment

Here’s a couple of fiendishly horrendous video clips from the masters of tech-death metal Cattle decapitation…. these are probably some of the most brutal video clips I’ve ever seen! NOT safe for work (or anywhere else for that…

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CYBORG X (2016)

Cyborg X

Cyborg X is a overall a pretty cool film, Starring the very easy to look at Eve Mauro and the always well tough Danny Trejo, as well as a whole bunch of tough guys I’ve never heard of….

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