Ghosts of Mars

Ghosts of Mars was a title I’d been searching for, for a while. I make no secret that John Carpenter is one of my favourite directors and I’ve not seen anything bad with his name on it. Luck…

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The Unholy

The Unholy is a good bit of B grade pulp. If you don’t expect too much you won’t be disappointed. As anyone who paid attention to this blog knows I’m into the dark religious horror. This one kind…

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Stigmata is one of those DVD’s I’d had sitting in the DVD collection for years but never bothered to put on. Shame, becuase it was a pretty cool watch. Not heavy on the gore but definitely entertaining with…

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Sleepwalkers is yet another Stephen King story put to film. I’ve not seen a bad one yet, so was quite excited to throw this one on! The film opens up on Charles Brady who has what looks like…

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Wolf is Werewolf movie. I have to admit I’m not really into werewolf movies. With this one I had to eat my words a little. From a production and acting point of view is far superior to any…

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Antrum was one of those films i’d heard about on the internet. Its background story is legendary. Billed as the “Deadliest film ever”. Tales of movie theatres spontaneously combusting killing all within whilst they were watching the film….

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Duel is a film I’d heard about but never got to watching. Directed by the one and only Stephen Spielberg, this was always going to be good. Upon the commencement of the film it was obvious my excitement…

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Poltergeist 2

Poltergeist 2 was always going to have a hard time following on from the original. Poltergeist set a very high standard in my opinion. This installment follows on from the original with what looks like a years slip…

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Creep is a geniunely cool film. It takes place under the city of London in the sewer and subway system. The seedy underbelly of said places is the perfect back drop for this film. Something is lurking under…

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VHS is an interesting release. It relies on a filming technique known as ‘found footage’ most notably pioneered in the movie Cannibal Holocaust. The major difference being this whole movie seems to consist of the technique. The technique…

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