DEAD SPACE – Downfall

Dead Space - Downfall

Dead Space – Downfall was an interesting one. This is horror / science fiction but animated in that manga style. This movie is a prequel to the game (Dead Space). The game was based off a 1991 horror…

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Demented Death Farm Massacre

Demented Death Farm Massacre is a Troma Film. I have to say its its a little less hammy than many of their other efforts. I don’t believe it was made by Troma, but purchased and distributed by them….

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FRIDAY THE 13th Part 6

Friday the 13th part 6

Well, its that time of the calendar againm this time its Friday 13th part 6 on the coroners table for us to review. This time round the movie opens with Tommy (From the last movie) and Allen digging…

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Well, Jaws is one movie I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I remember it being good, but other than that I don’t remember much. Produced in 1975 by box office machine Steven Spielberg, this is always…

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Rob Zombie

The Rob Zombie Halloween has copped a lot of backlash in the online world. I’ll start this review by saying John Carpenters Halloween is pretty much the perfect horror film. Zombie was always going to be up against…

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Hellraiser is one film I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed here. Its been a long time favourate of mine since it came out it saw video release in the late 80s. From the genius mind of Clive Barker,…

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Well, Inbred was one fucked up movie. No other way to describe it. Director Alex Chandon was known to me as the director from the Cradle of Filth inspired move “Cradle of Fear” so I had an inking…

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2000 maniacs

2000 Maniacs is one of Herschell Gordon Lewis earlier works, coming in right after 1963s effort BLOOD FEAST. While this isn’t anything too extreme by todays standards, HG Lewis was one of the first directors to use explicit…

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Resident Evil Damnation

Resident Evil Damnation is a strange one. I do love a good zombie film. This one however, is not so much a a movie in the conventional sense of the word but a computer Generated CG motion picture….

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house by the cemetery

It was wasn’t until creating this blog that I became aware of Lucio Fulci, House by the Cemetery is the 3rd of his films I’ve seen and they’ve all been brilliant. Fulci is regarded as the “Godfather of…

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