Month: December 2016

SAW 3 – Directors Cut

Saw 3

REVEIW: BY TAMAKAZEE Saw 3, for a movie about love this was pleasingly gory. Those involved in the Saw franchise have a pretty solid grasp on how to create realistic looking special effects, and the traps depicted are…

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FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, without question. The film responsible for introducing a whole generation (of then)  teenagers to discover the simple joys of the slasher flick. Paving the way…

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Re Animator

  I’m a great fan of the works of HP Lovecraft, especially the novella Re Animator. I try to watch as many of the adaptations of his works on film as I can get a hold of. Almost…

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HOUSE OF THE DEAD (funny version)

house of the dead funny version

What happens after the immense failure that was the house of the dead movie (click the link for that review)? One would have thought the director would have crawled into a hole and died (or at leaset committed…

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City of the Living Dead

City of the Living Dead was Directed by Lucio Fulci (Zombie Holocaust) in 1980. Not to be confused with the works of George Romero, this is a pretty cool watch. It never really made a huge impact at…

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KRAMPUS (2015)


Krampus: Review by Tamikazee Tis the season of the demon!! The Krampus, a horned demon, is known in European culture as the antithesis of our dear friend St Nicolas, aka Santa. He punishes naughty children by whipping them…

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No Picture

Since starting this blog a couple of years ago… I’d like to think I’ve made some progress with this thing and really enjoyed doing it. When I first started it, the site struggled to get 10 hits(views) a…

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Freddy V Jason

Freddy vs Jason came across as a pretty cheesy idea. Crossing over 2 of the most legendary horror franchises in all history was always going to guarantee some level of success for the film. But was going to…

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