Month: May 2017


The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger is one of the stupidest movies of all time produced by the guys at Troma Films. who are renowned for producing B grade crap of the highest order. This one is so crappy it actually…

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SEE NO EVIL (2006)

See no evil

First up I must apologise for the slackness in not having done a review for the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way… Plus after re-watching Halloween last time there’s no point in watching…

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Halloween is one of my all time favourate films, not just me but the horror world in general applaud this film as one of the all time classics of horror. It was shot in 1978 by John Carpenter…

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Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop sits somewhere between action and horror this slice of B grade action is not a bad little watch. A large rogue cop is running around killing random citizens on the streets and basically nobody can figure…

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A Serbian Film

Well then,,,, A Serbian Film has certainly gained a bad boy reputation around the internet as one of the nastiest films ever made, and to be fair I have to agree with them. The film itself has been…

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