Month: September 2017


Witchfinder General

I’d been searching for Witchfinder General for a while now, and didn’t realise it starred the one and only Vincent Price, whose movies I’ve become a little obsessed by of late. The film itself revolves around Matthew Hopkins…

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Human Centipede

I used to watch a lot of horror movies as a kid (some would say too much)  so much so that I overdosed on gore flicks and didn’t really watch or have much interest in any of them to watch…

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FRIDAY 13th (REMAKE 2009)

Friday 13th Remake 2009

H Producer Michael Bay (despite being a big time Hollywood guy) was always going to have a huge task ahead of him remaking one of the greatest horror films of all time in the Friday 13th 2009 remake….

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THE MUMMY (1932)

The Mummy

I thought it was time to fire up the old VHS player and give The Mummy a spin. These old VHS tapes do have a certain charm, Its strange to think some guy probably paid a lot of…

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