Month: December 2017

AUTOPSY (2008)


Autopsy was not a bad little surprise, another of my chance findings in a second hand shop I was not holding out huge hopes for this one but it delivered the goods quite well! Basically the plot centres…

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exorcist the beginning

After the general failure of the Exorcist 2 (I didn’t think it was that bad…. it just wasn’t that good) I held minimal hopes for Exorcist the Beginning, but upon loading this bad boy up, the opening scene…

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friend request

Friend Request is an interesting one for many reasons (also not to be confused with another film called “unfriended”) ,,, as a film its well made and rather watchable so no issues with the entertainment value of the…

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SALO (120 DAYS OF SODOM) (1975)


Salo is one of the most (if not, MOST) disturbing films ever made. I guess it depends on what offends you, but its right up there with the Human Centipede and Cannibal Holocaust for all round sickness, and…

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