Month: August 2018

MAY (2002)

No Picture

Oh man! May was something else! I hadn’t heard anything about the film (not even sure I’d heard of the film) before viewing it, but got it from a friend of mine with highest recommendations. She had said…

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deadly Blessing

Deadly Blessing, directed in 1981 by a then relatively unknown,¬† but rising star after his directorial effort in “The Hills have Eyes” in 1977, Wes Craven¬† revolves around a group of women who find themselves in the unfortunate…

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Eaten alive

Eaten Alive is another one from the vault of politically incorrect over the top exploitation flicks from the late 70s/early 80’s. Directed by Italian director Umberto Lenzi, also responsible for Man from Deep River (widely regarded as responsible…

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blood Feast

  It’s easy to say “Groan… Not another remake of a film that didn’t need to be remade” but lets face it… while the original Blood Feast from 1963 raised (or lowered depending on how you look at…

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This is one of those moments that make being an hopelessly addicted horror fan worth it. There is nothing I can fault with this film. The film is of course an adaptation of genre leading horror novelist Stephen…

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