Month: October 2018


No Picture

Halloween is almost upon us and we’ve managed to score a very special interview and insight into the dark mind of Australian (now Spanish) horror author Toneye Eyenot! Read on m/ First up can you tell us a…

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HALLOWEEN 3 (1982)

halloween 3

Ahh, Halloween 3 … The much maligned third installment of the “Halloween” franchise. My understanding of the affairs surrounding the original Halloween was that the Mike Myers story was supposed to be a once off and the franchise…

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PIRANHA (1978)


  This is the original “Piranha” Produced by Roger Corman. Like many of Roger Cormans films Piranha follows closely on the heels of the success of a major studio film, in this case “JAWS”.  I honestly can’t remember…

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MANIAC (1980)


To be honest I’d only heard about Maniac after reading the “Video Nasties” list, a list of movies that got banned from the UK due to their explicit horror content. The film revolves around a deranged serial killer…

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RITE (2011)


Rite is a pretty cool film… its well written and well executed. The DVD jacket says its the best exorcist film since “the Exorcist” itself…. big call. Does it live up to those claims? I’d have to say…

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