Month: April 2019



Boogeyman, I decided to buy for no other reason than Sam Raimi was featured as the producer… I loved his work on the EVIL DEAD and more recently “DRAG ME TO HELL” so thought this one would compare…

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GAG (2006)


Gag was another one bought on spec…. and unfortunately this one was a bit of a let down… amateurish production, shitty acting (no actors I’d ever seen before or likely to see again)  and a story line that…

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SHIVERS (1975)


Shivers also known as: Blood Orgy of the Parasites and They Came from Within I’d never heard of this one before I saw it one day whilst browsing through DVDs… I noticed it was directed by David Cronenberg…

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THE FOG (2005)

The Fog

I have to admit this is the remake of the FOG, not the John Carpenter version and even worse I haven’t actually seen the original so I’ve got nothing to compare it to. (yes, I know that is…

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OMEN IV (1991)

omen iv

Well Omen IV was a pleasant surprise… I make no secret that I’m a big fan of the original omen movie and the subsequent sequels were kind of cool but I have to say left a little to…

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prom night

Prom Night is a pretty cool film, not excellent but pretty cool. I have to admit the main draw card for me was the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis was in it. My version of this is the…

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