Year of Release2005
DirectorSam Raimi
StarringLucy Lawless, Emily Deschanel

Boogeyman. I decided to buy for no other reason than Sam Raimi was featured as the producer. I loved his work on the EVIL DEAD and more recently “DRAG ME TO HELL” so thought this one would compare nicely. Plus it said “This is the scariest movie – Ever” on the cover.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a bad film. In fact it’s quite a reasonable play on childhood fears. Whoever decided to past the moniker “This is the scariest move – Ever.” across the front of the DVD obviously had just suffered a massive head injury. This would qualify as a thriller, but not so much horror. They definitely shouldn’t be trying to sell it as the scariest movie ever.


The film centers in on young Tim (aged around 6, I believe). Tim believes his father was abducted by the boogieman and dragged off into the recesses of the closet never to be seen again. This part was somewhat scary. Then we cut to grown up Tim who as an adult is having trouble coming to grips with the ‘disappearance’ of his father. He goes to visit his mother who has also taken a turn for the worse mentally. Unfortunately she dies before he gets there. Tim then meets a childhood friend at his moms funeral. The pair then decides to investigate the house he grew up in s a child and meets a young girl named Frannie (who is aslo having ‘boogieman’ visions) hiding out on the old house. Tim’s childhood fears play on his mind when he’s in the house and begins to see things. or is he?


Boogeyman itself is well produced at features known actors as Lucy Lawless (Xena warrior princess) and Emily Deschanel (lead on “Bones” TV series).  Overall It’s really a pretty cool watch . Just not what it says it is on the cover

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