Year of Release2007
Director David Slade
Starring Melissa George

30 Days of Night was a movie I hadn’t seen in ages. It was about time this one got another spin in the DVD player. Produced in 2007 and based on the comic series of the same name this. Oddly enough the concept was originally a movie plot but never got picked up. After the comic series it was given another chance as a film and grossed over $75 million. Making it a global success in real terms.

The movie opens up in Barrow, a small town in Alaska that gets snowed in every year. Cut off from the rest of the world for 30 days in total darkness in the middle of their winter. The lack of sunlight allows for a bunch of vampires residing nearby prey on the towns folk at will. There’s a sub plot with the local sherrif, Evan and his wife having a rough trot in their marriage. The wife (Melissa George) wants to get out for the winter but the sherrif is there for the winter.

Overall, I have to say 30 Days of Night is a pretty cool film. Its well shot, produced and the plot moves along well. The horror violence is pretty cool too and the film doesn’t really loose momentum at any time. Id recommend checking this one out if you get the chance.

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