I’d seen After life before. But so long ago that I can barely remember anything about the movie except that Christina Ricci was breathtakingly beautiful in it. I can’t pretend I don’t have a slight crush on miss Ricci either. Well a huge crush on her. I kinda feel like we’ve grown up together, from when I first saw her as Wednesday Addams to seeing her now as an adult. Anyway enough obsessing about her. Oh yeah, I should point out that Liam Neeson is also in the movie. Let’s get on with the review.


The film opens up in a couple of random timeframes with Anna, a school teacher who’s marriage is hitting a low spot. She has a husband that loves her and wants to make things right. The couple go out to dinner and end up in a fight where Anna drives off in a huff. She crashes the car and ends up waking up on an enbalming table in a funeral home. Elliot the embalmer (played by Liam Neeson) has to break the news to her that she has died in the car crash. Elliot has a gift where he can talk to the dead and tries to guide the newly dead through the painful realisation that they have died.

Anna feels that she isn’t dead, but in fact has been drugged into a state that she thinks she’s dead. What’s the real story? Well, I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

After life is a very well made movie. This is creepy stuff and engrossing from start to finish. Of course with the star power in this film you know the acting will be great and Christina Ricci really looks the part of a newly dead corpse, in her red dress and pale skin. Neeson really fills his partout well, he is a great actor, and the combination of the two is brilliant. There are a few horror moments that look positively morbid. I enjoyed this immensely and really urge everyone out there to check this one out if they can.

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