Against the dark is an interesting concept. Really, its just a zombie movie. But it has Steven Seagal in it. As a movie it isn’t really doing anything that many zombie movies before it haven’t done. But did I mention it has Steven Seagal in it? Suddenly we have an average movie moving up the ranks a few notches only because of his presence.

The movie starts of in a post zombie apocalyptic world in which the zombie infection has taken its hold and only pockets of humans survive as best as they can. Nothing ground breaking there. The movie follows the exploits of a group of survivors who are taking as stand and doing what they can to reduce zombie numbers whilst trying to escape from hospital.

As an action movie this is actually pretty cool you can kind of switch off the brain and just watch the heads roll. As a horror movie the zombies are cool, the gore is well executed and the killings are pretty nifty too! Really this movie has it all if you’re in the mood for a non thinker that isn’t a stinker!

I don’t think there’s any point analyzing Against the Dark too deeply. Segal is his usual “Cool as a cucumber” self… and nothing in the film detracts too badly from the film as a whole. This is by no means a classic but it doesn’t insult the intelligence and sometimes you just need a good old blood fest. Sit back and relax and enjoy!

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