Year of Release2012
DirectorJen and Sylvia Soska

American Mary is certainly a different type of film! Not being aware of anything else the Soska Sisters have directed meant that I was going into this one totally unprepared for what lay ahead of me.


American Mary follows the trials and tribulations of Mary a med student who is studying to be a surgeon. Like many students, Mary is also struggling financially. The pressures of trying to make ends meet whilst studying lead her to seek employment in an adult entertainment venue. Whilst on her first shift there a man is badly ‘beaten’ in the basement and the boss askes Mary if she can perform some makeshift surgery. Mary obliges and is rewarded with a cool $5000 cash for the work. Which of course comes in handy. One of he co-workers learns of Mary’s skills and persuades her to perform surgeries in the body-modifications community. Mary reaps a handsome financial gain of course.

It’s not long before Mary’s tutor notices her growing financial means. He assumes she’s working as a hooker invites her to a party where she is drugged and then raped. Mary then quits medical school and starts to perform the body modifications as a way to earn a quite handsome living. She also of course, seeks revenge on the tutor that raped her.


The subject matter of this film allows for some pretty disturbing and visually spectacular violence. Whilst its certainly not the worst I’ve seen it may be a little full on for the horror noob. IF you can get past that what you have is a gripping and entertaining revenge movie with some rather disturbing undertones.

I really can’t fault this film on too much, the plot is captivating and moves along well, the movie itself is shot well and the acting is pretty good too. I’m actually really glad I found this movie, as really I bought it on a punt.

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