Year of Release2014
DirectorJohn Erick Dowdle

One of the more modern horror flicks that I’d somehow managed to miss in my obsession with all things horror, As Above So Below is next on the chopping block. This is a different style of film similar to something like the “Blair Witch Project” in the way that it uses the found footage / guy with a handycam type of camera work. The actual picture quality is much better than that of “Blair Witch” I have to say.


The film itself centres in on Scarlett. Scarlett is attempting to explore the French Catacombs looking for the “Philosphers stone”. She does find a certain artefact early on but the cavern she is exploring is slated for demolition right as she is down there. Scarlett is lucky though and manages to get out with her life right before the place comes down. She’s not easily put off though, and enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend and a few other people and gives it another shot. She finds a kind of back door entrance to the caverns through an underground club and again she sets off exploring the caverns.


The film itself is something different. You have to give it points for that. Seriously though, I’m going to be honest the found footage thing and the general jerky-ness of the action a bit hard to take. It made it a little hard for me to focus in on. In the early stages of this film I found myself getting rather easily distracted. I found myself thinking “Geez, this is a waste of time”. Things got better about a third of the way through. Our explorers went in again to the catacombs and disturbed an occult ritual. At this point, it felt more like stuff was happening and focusing in on the film became a little easier.

Over all I didn’t mind As Above so Below at all. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this was a classic by any stretch in my book, but it is a more than decent watch. The final parts of the film and the atmosphere it creates more than makes up for the lack lustre start. As I’m concerned this is pretty cool. More than worthy of checking out.

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