Year of Release1987
DirectorPeter Jackson

Bad Taste lives up to its name for many reasons. It is acclaimed director Peter Jacksons first foray in the world of film. Its corny, the acting is hammy and the dialogue cheesy. Dear lord those kiwi accents. THat being said its still not a bad watch. Lots of cheesy gore, and some rather base level laughs.

The plot of Bad Taste revolves around a group of friends who have stumbled across a small scale alien invasion. The Aliens plant to harvest the humans for their own intergalactic fast food chain. Their friends stumble their way through trying to kill the invading beings (who look like humans) and staying alive themselves. This is slapstick violence and comedy at its worst. The horror is gory but so budget it becomes laughable. A movie so bad it becomes good in a cringe worthy sort of way.

Not sure how the film did at the time but it has since gone to achieve cult status. More importantly it launched the career of Peter Jackson. One of the most profitable directors of all time.

Overall I’d have to say this is not essential viewing. It’s worth having to trail the career of Peter Jackson, from a historical sense. An interesting historical note is that Peter Jackson initially filmed this on weekends over the span of 4 years. He invested $25k into it, but the New Zealand film commission chucked in another $225K to make sure it got done.

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