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Unfortunately some times you find a stinker, Batchelor Party Massacre isn’t quite an absolute stinker but its dangerously close. Its obvious that not a lot of money went into BPM, but that’s fine. No known acting talents went into this film either. The plot is kind of alright so some points there. Now sometimes in a film this close to being a stinker you at least want some hot chicks or over the top gore to look at. Unfortunately this movie fails on that too…. So basically you’ve got nothing keeping you watching this movie.

Basically the plot of the movie revolves around a group of male friends that throw their mate a batchelor party. Of course they rent a couple of strippers and decide to party down. Strippers I hear you say? This means there’s potential of seeing some awesome boobies. Again denied. Just some very average lady parts on display. Anyway some chick comes in and decides to start killing them one by one. Again failed potential here too as most of the killings are pretty blasé.

Batchelor Party Massacre had some potential for at least B grade shock value and exploitative nudity, but failed massively there. The plots not good enough to really bother with, and the camera work is kind of crappy too. There is pretty much nothing worth bothering about with this movie, unless you’ve seen every horror movie known to man and you’re bored shitless. Even then there’s probably something more constructive you could be doing.

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