Year of Release2020
DirectorJonathan Milott and Cary Murnion
StarringLulu Wilson, Kevin James

Becky is one seriously cool film. I had heard of the film before but knew nothing about it other than its existence. I was visiting a friend and we decided to get some pizza, beer and stream a movie. Becky was the choice and I’m glad we watched it!

Becky is a troubled young teen. She is struggling to cope with the recent death of her Mother. Her relationship with her father is strained to say the least. Becky’s father decides to take her out to the family’s retreat home for the weekend. Becky gives her father attitude the whole way over, making the trip really hard. Upon arrival, Dad announces that he’s not going to sell the family retreat which makes Becky really happy. The mood lift doesn’t last long when Dads new girlfriend arrives on the scene. The New Girlfriend, her young son, Dad and Becky are now all stuck together in what can only be described as an awkward situation.

In a side plot a bunch of hardcore violent criminals escape custody and are on the run nearby. As fate would have it one of them, a leader of an Aryan brotherhood from behind bars used to own the property. He’s decided to return to the property and find a key that he’s left there from before his incarceration.

Mean while a sulking Becky walks off into the woods only to witness from her tree house the escaped criminals take over the property and hold the family hostage. Becky has already been rifling through the house and founs the key and hides it in her play cabin. The crims search the house and are getting aggrivated that they can’t find the key. In an effort to extort information out of the family and Becky, the leader (incidently played by Kevin James of “Mallcop” and “King of Queens” fame) executes the father in cold blood. Becky witnesses this.

What begins next is a harrowing tale of revenge which Becky extracts on her captors. The violence in this film is quite confronting. This is a revenge tale that fires you up in much the same way that “I spit on your grave” does, but thankfully without the “rapey-ness” of that film. It’s basically a modern day “Last house on the Left“.

I really enjoyed this one, but I will warn it’s not for the faint of heart. The production was great, the violence was top notch and the acting was pretty cool. I have to say it took a while to get used to Kevin James as a hardcore criminal / tough guy but once I settled into the film it was not an issue. There were a couple of unbelievable moments (I won’t spoil them for you) where the Keven James character sustains a harrowing injury and then walks around later with a bandage on his head like nothing happened when in reality he should be bleeding to death or in shock at the very least. If you see this film I’d say buy it, or stream it. I knew nothing of the film before so I streamed it on a punt. That punt paid off!

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