Year of Release1979
DirectorJoe D’Amato

Another one in the famous Italian tradition of exploitation flicks. Beyond the Darkness is directed by Joe D’Amato and features the creepy but always awesome music of “Goblin”.

The plot follows Frank, a taxidermist. Frank is bereaved after the death of his fiancé, Anna. His housekeeper Iris, sees an opening to land Frank as her man. She seduces him before the corpse even gets a chance to go cold. Frank is obviously still attached to Anna and retrieves the body after burial to preserve it. And, of course, still feel like they are together.

Things start to get creepy after Frank starts to meet new women. They are (understandably) put off by Franks endeavours in the body preservation field. And so begins Franks murderous rampage. Where will it stop? Well obviously I’m not going to spoil the movie for you so you’ll just have to track down a copy and watch it for yourself 🙂 .

As with many of the flicks coming out of Italy at the time this one does push the envelope as far as content goes. The plot lends itself to some decent amounts of gore, kink and some graphic violence but more importantly is also a pretty cool watch and nicely crafted.

Overall I found Beyond the Darkness quite enjoyable and if you’re a fan of the Italian Horror genre this is a more than worthy addition to the collection!

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