Year of Release1987
DirectorJacky Kong

Blood Diner is a rather hard to find little gem straight from the 80’s. Rooted firmly in the B-Grade Schlock horror it is some regards so bad it is actually good. Not sure if watching for the movie or the schlockiness of the whole affair but either way its fun! Big hair bad acting and cheesy dialoge complete the trinity of 80’s cheesyness.

The plot of Blood Diner follows the exploits of 2 brothers, George and Michael (that just sounds 80’s from the start) ¬†whose uncle, Anwar was killed by police in a shoot out 30 years earlier. They stay true to their uncles last request and after studying the occult they set about resurrecting the goddess “Shitar”. To do this they did up the remains of their dead uncle and through some magical incantation they bring his brain back to life and store it in a jar where he advises the pair on the finer art killing ‘immoral’ women, and harvesting their body parts for the purpose of constructing a composite body for the returning goddess, and then holding an ancient feast to welcome the goddess back into this world.

Lots of tongue in cheek gore and blood… but its hard to take seriously with the hammy-ness of the acting and dialogue. Is this a horror comedy or is it so bad it becomes one by default? I can’t tell but if you can turn your brain off for a couple of hours it is worth a watch! for more great horror movies reviewed