Brain Dead / Dead Alive reviewed at https://www.gorenography.comI would have to say Brain Dead is my all time fave zombie movie. In fact one of my all time favourites of any genre. It combines over the top zombie horror with some genuinely funny moments. Moments that will make you almost wet yourself laughing. I remember seeing this around the time it got released on VHS. It was over the top then, and even today the gore is still top shelf. It still gets a once a year or so run on my viewing cycle.

This of course is an early piece from director Peter Jackson who went on to direct the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Its amazing to think such a well known director could start in this fashion. This is an entirely different piece to LOTR. No big budget or major studio special effects here. This is B grade horror, gutter level humor and DIY budget to the core. It’s cheaply made (well… not so cheaply in the horror world coming in at $3 million to produce but cheap compared to hollywood standards) but very captivating and enjoyable the whole way through. And there in lies its charm.


The plot focuses in on some explorers that find a rare Sumatran Monkey Rat. This rat is a horrible creature whose bite will turn people into zombies.  From this point on,  the gore and hilarity ensues. There’s even a romantic subplot in this one revolving around main protagonist Lionel, his lady love interest Paquita and his overbearing mother. Brilliant one liners follow one after right through the film, combined with the ‘innocent B grade’ feel of this movie, it makes a classic of the gore genre.


While the gore in Brain Dead is pretty over the top I think the hilarity of the movie makes it pretty easy to take (barring a couple of squeamish moments). It might even appeal to your non gore-fiend friends (admit it, you have a couple of them)  if even as just a reference to what Peter Jackson was doing before Lord of the Rings.

I managed to find a link to you tube with the entire movie streaming  so check it out and if you manage to see a hard copy of the film, buy it!

The full movie link (from youtube) is featured below so make sure you check it out before it gets taken down!

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