Year of Release1993
DirectorMatt Stone, Trey Parker

After a scorching day at work in the Australian heat I was looking for something that didn’t require too much thinking. Cannibal The Musical looked to be just the ticket.

The Creative team behind Cannibal the Musical were then unknown commodities and film school buddies, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The creative pair who of course went on to produce the South Park series.

The film itself was widely panned and no one would touch it. Even in the straight to VHS market. Enter Troma to the rescue. Even though now the guys had a distributer they found they couldn’t get the tape into shops. That was until the South Park success gave them a much higher level of clout.


The story follows Alfred Packer, a gold miner who goes out to explore from Utah to Colarado (where South Park is based) with a group of friends. Of course anyone could deduce they run into harder time and have to resort to the unthinkable.

The movie itself is pure cheese and really nothing to be taken too seriously. It is however quite a fun watch. The musical aspect is original as I can’t think of that many movies that combine gore and song and dance numbers. The fun and upbeat musical numbers really provide a fun counterpoint to the inherently morbid subject matter of the film. I have to admit I actually had a lot of fun watching it. For what it was meant to be I think they’ve done well for themselves. The humour isn’t as offensive as South Park but does tend to take the piss out of the Mormon Religion a little (which I have no problem with hahah). The gore is not constant in the film. When it is there is very Troma-esque anyway. Very schlocky and B grade, which in this case adds to the charm of the whole thing.


Over all I’d say its defs worth a watch once. It’s far from a classic or an essential addition to most horror collections. If you see it going cheap or you’re just more in the mood for a laugh, pick it up or rent it online!

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