Catacombs was another movie I just bought on a punt from a second hand DVD store. I had not really heard anything about the movie but it said from the producers of “Saw”, it looked like it could be creepy and had Alicia Moore (Pink) listed as an actor so I thought to myself “May as well just go for it” which brings us here!


Anyway It started out alright and looked interesting enough to keep watching. The plot revolves around 2 sisters Victoria and her more outgoing sister Carolyn (Alicia Moore) who meet up in Paris. The pair meet up with some friends of Carolyn and go to an underground rave in the French Catacombs. Not a bad premise actually. At the rave the sisters take some time out from the rave and go skinny dipping in a rock pool where they are told stories about a demented killer raised on raw meat by a satanic cult and excluded from the world at large who roams the Catacombs, draped in a goats head mask killing anyone he can.

Carolyn is killed by what is assumed to be killer and Victoria and the others attempt to escape the Catacombs. Can our gang of friends survive the rave? Well obviously I can’t tell you that one so you’ll have to watch it yourself!


Visually this is spectacular. The French Catacombs make for some great scenery amidst the back drop of the movie. The killer with the goats head mask also looks really cool and makes for a great bad guy. Plot wise its pretty cool with enough twists to avoid falling into cookie cutter style horror. With a nice big budget behind this one the production and horror effects are top notch for this kind of movie

Overall I have to say I did enjoy the film. It wont go down as a classic, but its an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

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