Year of Release1994
DirectorMichele Soavi

Cemetary man (Also known as Dellamorte) is an Italian horror / comedy film from 1994. You wouldn’t know its Italian because everyone has an English accent in the film. It’s also billed as a comedy/horror, not sure I’d call it a comedy myself, but it is on the lighter end of horror fitting in well with films like “Return of the Living Dead”. And hey, to be fair there’s definitely some level of black humour in this film. It’s definitely offbeat.

The Plot

The Film focus in on Francis Dellamorte who works as an undertaker or caretaker of a cemetary. He seems to enjoy his work but every now and then some of the occupants of the cemetery come back to life. Francis is also quite accepting of this as well and pushes through with the job he is paid to do.

One particularly stunning female attendee (the widow infact) of a funeral catches his attention and Francis vies for her attention. He gets the woman and they do the nasty right near her wealthy husbands grave. The deceased comes back from the grave (awakened by the sounds of infidelity, I’d assume) and kills his wife.

The film and the horror effects are a little on the hammy side, but this is still a really cool film. Just nothing too serious is all. Despite being made in the 90’s this has a really 80’s feel to it. especially with the zombies. I have to say there’s also some stunning visuals in this, which puts it at adds with some other aspects of this film. Not sure if this is intentional or just due to a lack of budget, but there would have been a lot of time put into some effects and with it it assume money, but some parts do look a little cheap. This is really not a complaint more so an observation. I have to say I like the film as is anyway.

The Verdict

Overall, I have to say I enjoyed the film and would have to recommend it to others. I wouldn’t call it essential but the film itself was enjoyable and moved well. The acting whilst definitely b grade was good enough for the story and the lead lady (Anna Falchi) is absolutely stunning. Her topless scene is basically worth admission / purchase price alone. I’d have put up with a far worse film to see that!

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