Year of Release1972
DirectorBob Clarke

From the start of Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things I know I was going to be in for an old school ride of schlocky horror. I couldn’t wait! From the depths of 1972 it came. As far as I’m aware it was preceded only by Night of the Living Dead as far as the modern zombie has evolved.

I’m not sure how widely viewed this film was but really it was an important stepping stone in the evolution of the zombie.

The film opens up with a group of unemployed actors led by Alan. He has a plan to dig up a graveyard to raise the dead. Well not really the leader of the group really just wants to get in the new actress’ pants and uses the idea to get the party going so to speak. Of Alan has set up his friends to scare the pants off the party. Anyway the crew aren’t happy so they hold their own ritual. You guessed it, this time it works!

Overall Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things is a cool watch. the zombies look a little kitchy. The acting isn’t too bad. The gore isn’t too full on either so you can watch it with your younger teenage children. I quite enjoyed it and if you don’t go in with too many expectations, its a fun watch!

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