Year of Release1986
DirectorJim Wynorski

Chopping mall is a great peice of 1980’s schlock. I’ve been on the look out for this movie for a while but just managed to find it uploaded to youtube. Lets see how long it stays up there hahah! Chopping mall doesn’t star any particularly well known actors, nor was it done on a huge budget. Hopefully this wasn’t the movie that killed all their respective careers.


Anyway onto the actual movie. The plot of this one revolves around a Mall in “anytown” America which has deployed some state of the art robots to protect the mall against security threats. The idea seems like a good idea until the mall is struck by lightning. The lightning strike charges the robots up to start killing indiscriminately. There’s the usual security guards and cleaners that work late in the mall and a bunch of teenagers using the mall to party and make out in. Will they get out alive? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

The Gore in this is not too full on, there’s a respectable amount of violence and a pretty decent death count but it all looks pretty hammy. This is one slice of 80s cheese you can watch with the family (or teens / non horror fans at least). There’s some great 80’s hairstyles, cute 80s babes, some less than convincing lasers, and great 80s synth / computer music. If you’re old enough (like me) to have lived through the 80s this will bring back some great memories of the malls we all used to hang out in.

Over all this movie is nothing to think too hard about. It’s and enjoyable bit of pulpy horror fun that is quite well executed for what it is. Just sit back and enjoy this one!

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