I managed to get a hold of this bad boy real cheap so I thought it would be worth a punt if nothing else. Class of 1999 more than paid off. It is a B grade example of ‘film noir’ heavy on the violence. It’s strange going back on a film set in the future of 22 years ago. But that’s cool, I love seeing the predictions people have come out with. Created in 1990 the film is set 9 years in the future. Focusing in on the decline of the American high school education system. A brave prediction thinking that our school system would deteriorate so rapidly.


In response to the rapidly escalating drug use and violence in our schools a decision to implement cyborg posing as teachers that are not afraid to lay down the law in violent and efficient fashion. Straight out of the gate these robots start kicking ass. Unfortunately a few of the more violent students are killed by said teachers. The story follows Cody who is involved in the gang scene, his family is destroyed by drug abuse but he seems to be one of the better of the bunch in his school. Cody wants to out the plan and cyborg teachers.


Class on 1999 is a spectacularly out there film, but it is a great ride. Its brutal in that over the top B grade way and featuring Malcolm McDowell as the principle of the school. I wonder why McDowell took the film as it was never going to be a commercial success or even make the radar, but its great to see him in it! Also starring B grade 78’s starlet Pam Grier as one of the cyborg teachers.

Overall I had a lot of fun watching the film and you can find a copy its worth getting if you liked films like “Robocop” and “The Warriors”.

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