CLOWN (2014)

Year of Release2014
Produced byEli Roth

I hadn’t heard anything about Clown but bought it on a pure punt. I saw it there at the my usual flea market stop. It was looking all beaten up and the cover had obviously been wet, and dried all wrinkly and beaten up. A fitting omen for this film really.

Upon settling in for the night and loading this one up in the DVD player I noticed it was directed by Eli Roth. I love a bit of happy luck! From the start you could tell this was going to be a great ride. Obviously I dig the Roth.


The story line here centres in on a family who are holding a birthday party for their son (who appears to be about 6-8 years old). The clown they hired doesn’t show up. By some bizzare co-incidence the father, a real estate agent named Kent, finds a clown suit in a house he has up for sale. A creepy old clown suit. He takes it upon himself to fill in for the clown. No problems there. Kent does an awesome job (considering he’s never been a clown before) and the party is a hit with the kids. The only problem is he can’t get the clown suit off.

Kent can feel himself starting to change physically. The suit, slowly but surely begins to symbiotically merge with Kent. He does some research on the suit and tracks down its former owner who informs him it was worn by an old demon the “Cloyne”. From which the idea of a clown is supposed to have originated. The longer he is stuck with the suit the worse things get. Kent can feel the hunger inside of him growing into bloodlust. He cannot control his urges and starts to crave the flesh of children as per the old owner of the suit. That’s about as far as I’ll go with the plot for fear of ruining it.


As  with anything Eli Roth is involved in its a gripping and entertaining ride.  Again with anything associated with Roth the production is always good, so too the acting and plot development. The horror is realistically grim. Roth takes what is a supernatural theme and makes it quite believable for the duration of the film which I think is the hallmark of a master of the genre.

Overall The Clown was  a great film. I would fully recommend it to any horror fans, except those who have a fear of clowns. It could traumatise those people for life!

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