Year of Release2014
DirectorPatrick Brice

Creep is a geniunely cool film. It takes place under the city of London in the sewer and subway system. The seedy underbelly of said places is the perfect back drop for this film. Something is lurking under the city and it isn’t pretty.

The film then switches to Kate who is getting home after a party and is stalked by a co worker. She intends to catch the train home but falls asleep and finds herself alone on the wrong train. The train breaks down (or stops) and Kate and the target of said stalking co-worker. Kate fends off his unwanted advances only for him to become the victim of a savage but unknown attacker. Now Kate realises she has to get out of the now desolate Subway system anyway way she can before whatever is lurking under the system catches up with her. Its hard to get much deeper into the film without ruining it for those wanting to watch it, but rest assured what happens is a tense and thrilling fight to survive for Kate.

Creep is a gritty and bloody film. It may not be for those who are new to the horror genre. The gore and violence is top shelf. The production is great for the scope of the film and the there’s no major flaws with this film. From what I understand the film didn’t get the best response but I thought it was fairly solid. There’s a lot worse out there than this one!

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