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Wow! Cult Girls is something special! Obviously I love horror movies and all dark things associated with that, but my other main loves in life are Heavy Metal, beer, titties and the occult. This movie skillfully combines horror, Black Metal (a more extreme form of occult aligned heavy metal) and a great occult theme into one nice package! With the occult imagery comes many excuses for female nudity. I could not ask for anything more. Except maybe some beer drinking.

The movie itself is set in Lithuania, but I have to say there’s a lot of Australian accents in this film. Not sure where they sourced the actors from but this does make it seem a little at odds with itself. But really, its a side issue so who cares?

The plot of cult girls

The plot revolves around a former child cult survivor who ends up getting into the black metal scene of Eastern block Europe. She tracks down a mysterious cult figure, Moloch the leader of a a black metal band “Sorat”, who has been imprisoned for his crimes against Christianity, and torture. He is feared all through Europe. His ultimate goal is to not only stop the spread of Christianity but to erase all record of it. Lofty goals my friend, Lofty goals. He is of course prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this end.

This is where I should point out that Molochs’ story bears a more than passing resemblance to that of famed Gorgoroth singer, Ghaal. I have to say Moloch also bears a striking resemblance to the Mayhem bass player “Necrobutcher” (I know this because I’ve played as a support act to Necrobutchers band Mayhem). I feel the producers of this film have been long standing black metal fans and have combined two of the most menacing figures in the scene into one unholy abomination. He also looks like Nosferatu. Very unnerving stuff indeed.

The occult theme of the film combined with the resonating resemblance to the two aforementioned black metal cult figures gives this film a real air of danger. Very well done lads!

Anyway, our escaped cult survivor as she sets off to meet up with Moloch. At a Sorat gig, she befriends another metalhead dude, who is quite well tied into the scene who leads her to the mysterious Moloch. Moloch lives a secluded lifestyle (much like Ghaal) and is a rather extreme character. He is older, and more driven to get what he needs done. He remembers the cult and how they came about.

The verdict

The movie has a great black metal soundtrack, the producers could have taken the easy option and used some shit like Marylin Manson or whatever but they used some great underground music. I have a feeling the score was written especially for the film. I’m still trying to find out some more about this as we speak, but that will have to be in another session when I get a chance to update this article. The great black metal musician ship and some mighty fine pagan folk / metal tunes in there really help to set this thing apart from many other films. There was no corporate cash in here.

Overall I have to say I absolutely loved every second of this film. I also have to say I am slightly biased because this appealed to so many of the things in life I love. The girls are sexy as hell, good story line, awesome gothic / occult vibe and lots of ritual female nudity for those who aren’t easily offended. The occult references in this are reasonably well researched and if you have an interest in the occult this will not offend you. In fact it gives the film a great air of black metal authenticity

All I can say is if you read this far into the review you’ll love the Cult Girls. Get out there and download it (be sure to pay for it)

or buy it if you can. One of the best things I’ve seen in ages!

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