Year of Release1961
DirectorTerence Fisher
StarringOliver Reed

Another Sunday afternoon film sesh and another Hammer Film. This time Curse of the Werewolf. I have become quite enamoured with Hammer films of late.

This one opens up with quite a back story revolving around the story of a beggar who upon entering town is told to ask the town’s marquis for money. He goes and is welcomed into the marquis wedding night party, only to find himself imprisoned for years. Our beggar friend grows old in the prisons beneath the marquis castles in the dungeons.

Years later he is joined in the lock up by a beautiful mute young woman who has rejected the now elderly marquis advances. Our beggar friend attacks and rapes her and then dies. The scratched up young woman is released and attacks and kills the marquis and absconds into the forest to live. She is found by a Spanish noble man and nursed back to health. It is discovered in the noble mans home that she is pregnant. The woman spends months recovering and eventually gives birth to her child and dies shortly after.

The child is baptised in the catholic church but evil omens abound. As the child grows up some bizzare incidents occur around the town. Goats, pets etc are slaughtered and the town folk suspect wolves. Is the now small child Leo a werewolf? What can be done about this? I guess this is where I don’t want to give the plot away!


Production wise Curse of the Werewolf is an excellent film. The costumes and sets look amazing. It feels very authentic (Except the english accents in Spain). The Camera work and scenery are top notch. Overall I really liked this movie, and i have to say it kept me engrossed the whole way through. Violence wise there’s a little in here but its probably still something you can watch with kids say 8 and over without emotionally disturbing them. It’s definitely nothing too full on and a great watch!

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