Year of Release1981
DirectorGary Sherman

I remember renting Dead and Buried as a teenager from the local video store. I don’t remember much else about it, other than the fact I enjoyed it back then. Needless to say I was pretty happy to inherit this one from a friends collection that he threw out!


The film opens up with Freddy, a semi-pro photographer. He is minding his own business photographing things on the beach when a beautiful woman offers to model for him. Long story short she seduces him and right has he’s about to get lucky he is attacked by town folk who tie him up and burn him alive, all the while taking photos. It becomes painfully clear this is a hobby of the townsfolk when they again murder a wino and take photos of the gruesome crime. An out of town cop starts investigating and it turns out freddy survive the incident. the cop is about to start questioning him but he is killed in hospital by the lady on the beach who happens to be a nurse at the hospital.

Our detective friend keeps digging and uncovers some strange secrets of the town. Of course, I won’t spoil the surprise. I’ll make you guys find out when you see it for yourselves!


Dead and buried has a few squeamish moments but by todays standards its nothing too extreme. However it did manage to find its way onto the infamous “Video nasties” for extreme gore content. This of course helped the film to achieve cult status amongst horror fans, despite not really achieving any real level of success at the box office.

Overall this is a great watch. Great plot and nothing too cheesy to ruin it for the viewer. Dead and Buried has that great early 80’s horror feel. IF you see this going reasonably cheap definitely buy it and enjoy!

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