Dead Silence is a more modern (Well, 2007, which is modern to me) type of horror movie, directed by James Wan you know this is going to be pretty cool at least.

The story starts with a young couple, Jamie and Lisa who have been gifted (by mistake, or by fate?) a creepy old ventriloquist doll. As you can probably guess the minute the guy goes out leaving his woman alone the house things starts to fall apart. He comes home to find his girlfriend Lisa brutally murdered. From there its up to Jamie to justify himself and why he shouldn’t be blamed for Lisa’s death. Anyway after some interrogation Jamie is let free and returns home to check out the doll, which he already has a bad feeling about. He finds a note in the container referring to a “Mary Shaw” from “Ravens Fair” (Jamies childhood town) where his father still lives.

There is of course a back story. Jamie finds out that Mary Shaw was a ventriloquist who had been publicly shamed as a young performer by another relative of his, Michael. Michael of course went missing and Mary was blamed. She’d had her tongue cut out and now vows revenge upon the family. Can Jamie stop the revenge of Mary? Well, I guess thats where I’ll leave it up to you to check the movie out for yourself!


Lets be honest, there’s a million doll type movies out there. So why do we need another one you ask? Short answer we probably didn’t, but this one is rather well done and an enjoyable watch. Overall its really an addition to the feild. I found it better than say Annabelle and not far off Childs Play.

I have to say this one is rather well executed and the atmosphere created within this one maintains a well creepy vibe the whole way through. Great creepy music and and overall gothic atmosphere. There was a substantial budget of $20 million thrown into this and it shows in professional presentation of this film. Box office wise it barely covered the spend (So probably still a loss) which was kind of a shame. This film deserved to get a bigger response I feel. I really enjoyed it. Once you’re into this film, it’s a hard one to extract yourself from. The plot really draws you in. As far as gore goes this one is respectable but not too extreme. When it kicks in the visuals are great, but its of a level where you can watch with older kids or those not that into horror.

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