DEAD SPACE – Downfall

Year of Release2008
DirectorChuck Patton

Dead Space – Downfall was an interesting one. This is horror / science fiction but animated in that manga style. This movie is a prequel to the game (Dead Space). The game was based off a 1991 horror movie, Which was based off a Roger Corman film, Mutant from 1981. As someone who doesn’t play games, and was unaware of the existance of the other movies. I don’t feel I’m missing anything. This is a pretty cool stand alone film.

The story lines in Dead Space – Downfall revolve around a group of space military / Mining Team who are retrieving a mysterious object from another planet whist harvesting the planets minerals. What is the object? Nobody knows. the previous humans that were around it would now mostly seem to be dead. Dead in extremely violent ways. The object is big black and looks rather ominous. Upon further examination the crew find the bodies of the last humans dismembered and apparrantly eaten by zombies and other assorted nasty creatures. It’s not long before similarly bizzare violent incidences start to happen with alarming regularity on board the space carrier. Is the big black object cursed or does it have strange powers? I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

The fact that its animated lends itself to some top shelf violence and horror action. The art aspect of this film is used to its full effect. The story line is cool as well, so its fun to watch and a visual treat. If you do see this movie around its well worth a watch if you’re into this sort of thing. I’m not sure how easy this movie is to find.

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