Year of Release1971
DirectorFred Olen Ray and Donn Daviso

Demented Death Farm Massacre is a Troma Film. I have to say its its a little less hammy than many of their other efforts. I don’t believe it was made by Troma, but purchased and distributed by them. Originally directed in 1971 by Fred Olan Ray it saw only an extremely limited release. It was then Commandeered by Troma with the addition of a few new scenes and viola! A film ready for the Troma distribution machine!

Plot wise this one focus; on a group of semi-criminals on the run from the law in a stolen jeep. They hide up in a country town for a bit to re-assess what they are going to do. They eventually find a farm house in redneck territory inhabited by the extremely attractive Reba Sue. Reba Sue makes them feel at home but its not long before Reba’s extremely possessive(and fundamentalist) husband returns home and thinks something suspect is going on with his wife. Can the gang of criminals stay out of trouble in redneck country? Can they keep their hands of Harlands wife? Well I guess you have to watch the film to find out!

Demented Death Farm Massacre is not too bad. Its far from essential. But if you like that redneck, bible belt kind of thing, this is worth a watch once. As with any film of this vintage there is not a lot of gore, It might have been brutal for the time, but not now. Either way the films cool enough to keep you watching, and keep you entertained.

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