Year of Release1997

Demon House is another in a long list of movies that has a dual title (presumably for different countries). It serves to confuse horror movie buffs like myself. I have to admit that I’ve never seen any of the other “Night of the Demons” movies but this. As a stand alone movie works well enough anyway and I don’t think there’s anything missing for the viewer that jumps in on this installment.


This one revolves around a bunch of teenagers out for a good night on Halloween night. They get themselves in involved in a violent armed robbery. With one dead cop and and injured member of the gang the friends decide to hide out in am abandoned funeral home which local legend claim is possessed.

Turns out the house is not abandoned but in fact occupied by Angela a beautiful woman who is in fact a demon. The gang hold Angela hostage while they figure out what they can do to avoid the repercussions of their crime. Problem is Angela is seductive and uses her not unsubstantial charms to distract and divide the gang. Then she starts slaughtering the teens one by one


This is not a bad movie but it is not intended to be an intellectual experience either. The plot moves along alright with some pretty cool creature effects, loads of sexual innuendo and a fair level of female nudity to keep everyone interested.

Demon House was dated 1997 but it has a very solid 80’s feel to it in my opinion. The horror effects seem to be more practical rather than CGI and probably falls into the B Grade Category. Its not essential viewing but in my opinion it’s a pretty cool (and fun) watch!

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