Year of Release1985
DirectorDario Argento

Demons. Directed by Dario Argento (also known for his work on Suspiria) this one is less of a “thinker” than Suspiria. More a film where you can just sit back and enjoy the over the top gore.

I had seen a download of this film before, but seeing it again on BluRay was something else all together. I’m not sure if it’s been remastered and coded onto blu ray but the picture was really sharp. Much sharper than I remember it. The film itself is well shot and the horror effects are really cool. Though they can look a little dated as many 80’s horror flicks can tend to do.


The plot itself is pretty straight forward featuring a few central characters including some young adults / teenagers, hookers, married couples young and old who all go to a screening of a new horror movie. One of the aforementioned hookers tries on a display mask, set up as a promotional display) before entering the theatre. The mask cuts her and whilst watching the film she develops an infection which turns her into a zombie like creature (I guess a demon as the title alludes). She then of course embarks on a murderous rampage and the movie goers are soon exposed to a real life horror movie in which they are part of the proceedings. As usual I won’t spoil the plot beyond this point, but what follows is a epic gorefest contained within the cinema!


Another really cool thing about Demons is the most righteously rocking 80’s rock soundtrack featuring Motley Crue, Saxon and heaps more. It’s a fun ride and nothing to be taken too seriously. I said before the gore content in the film was over the top (and the film itself got an 18 rating on my copy) its nothing too full on or offensive though!  Good, clean, gory, pusfilled fun!

Whilst I won’t say its a classic by any means it’s definitely a worth watch and great fun!

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