Diary of a MadmanTo be honest I hadn’t heard of Diary of a Madman before. I was really just looking for “Ozzy Osbourne” songs to listen to on youtube, but since this one came up in my search results I thought I’d give it a shot. And why not? I quite like what little I’ve seen of Vincent Price films.

This one may or may not be considered “Horror” by todays standards, it is a pretty cool little viewing experience.  Hardened gore fiends may or may not dig this as it does not have any real horror or violence (well very little violence) but touches on darker themes in a similar way to what Alfred Hitchcock did with his movies. Its also a movie that you can watch if you’ve got kids around without fear of scarring them for life. A definite bonus for the parents out there. “The most terrifying motion picture ever created?” I think not. Still a great film.

The Plot:

Starring Vincent price as Simon the magistrate who prior to his death is possessed by an evil spirit. The spirit had attached itself to him from a previous  meeting with a deranged killer. Simon rekindles an interest in sculpture to quell the bad dreams. The subject of his artistic musings, Odette takes a shining to him and the pair decide to get married but the evil spirit that is trying to take a hold of Simon is getting stronger and this is where the things gets strange.

The dialogue in Diary of a Madman is a charming old world style affair and the plot holds water rather well, this is a well shot and executed film and quite captivating.

Anyway you guys can see for yourself below

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