Year of Release2005

Dr Chopper was another chance find in the bargain bin. I would have felt upset if i’d paid much more for it than I did. It follows the exploits of a doctor and his two nurses who were on the quest for a prolonged life. They started to kill patients to replace their own body parts. They fled and are not heard of again for another 20 years when a group of teenagers unwittingly go out for a weekend away in a family members cabin. Of course Dr. Chopper and his two (presumably undead) nurses start to hunt down the bunch.

Dr Chopper is firmly rooted in the B grade genre. It’s a simple old teenage slasher story with nothing to differentiate it from a million other B Grade films just like it. No actors I’d ever heard were cast in this film. Having said all that, its actually not that bad either, the acting is halfway reasonable. But really it’s more a great one to watch on those days when you just don’t feel like thinking. Its reasonably well shot and moves along at a reasonable pace so you don’t feel too retarded watching it either.

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