Duel is a film I’d heard about but never got to watching. Directed by the one and only Stephen Spielberg, this was always going to be good. Upon the commencement of the film it was obvious my excitement for this would be justified. This movie is brilliantly shot and executed. Whilst none of the actors are particularly well known the main character does an excellent job of his part. Interesting to note is that the truck driver is never really seen!

Duel tells the story of a typical suburban husband, Dennis Weaver out on his job. He has the normal marital issues, job issues and problems that anyone else would have. Dennis sets off on long drive in his red Plymouth to make a work appointment when he takes over a truck on the highway. Said truck driver takes offence and begins a highway war on our central character stalking him, tormenting him and toying with him. It soon becomes all to clear the truck driver is trying to kill him. Is Dennis able to escape the games of the maniac truck driver? Well obviously i won’t tell you that so you’ll have to watch the movie!

The action in this movie is great and once the movie really starts to fire up the suspense is maintained brilliantly the whole way through the film. This may not have any gore in it but its horrifying that something like this could so easily happen, and lets face it, probably has. Overall this is a great film and anyone who likes a bit of suspense in their movies will enjoy this. Spielberg is a master film maker and this movie is no exception!

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