OK, I’m a a HUGE fan of the original Evil Dead film and I rate EVIL DEAD 2 right up there with the original. In fact I might even think it’s better than the original. One thing I’ve never come to grips with, is “Why the fuck did ASH go back to the cabin in the woods?” Look, I get it he was forced. But seriously, you’d think after such an horrific initial experience any sane person would never even consider going back there. I get it that the (only exit out)bridge was destroyed but wouldn’t you drive anyway but back? I’d high tail out of there asap!


Disbelief aside, here we are again. The movie starts off with a beaten up Ash making his forced return to the cabin by a malevolent spirit. Whilst I don’t buy this as a logical explanation as to why Ash went back there, for us viewers is great because it means the action starts all over again!

Whilst returning to the cabin his girlfriend is resurrected from the dead again. Maybe she never truely died? The owner of the cabins daughter decides to come back to the cabin as well, with the original manuscript of the “Necronomicon”. Add another random redneck couple into the equation and you have a fresh stock of victims for the Evil Dead to wreak havoc upon! Can Ash save his girlfriend? Any of the other unwitting visitors to the house? Guess you have to watch the movie to find out!

The stop motion content is upped a little more from the original and the movie ventures further into fantasy territory than the first.The violence and on screen gore is also ramped up a few levels and this makes for a very entertaining second instalment in this epic series.


I’ve heard Evil Dead referred to as a horror comedy. Amidst the over the top violence there’s actually alot thats funny about this film. The violence is so over the top that it verges into ludicrous territory. Is this why it can be seen as “Comedy”? Seriously there’s quite some comedic value to the gore, and Campbells acting this time around. Either way it’s a mute point as this only adds to the legend and the entertainment value of the film. I actually wonder if Campbell is an influence on Jim Carey. The two seem to have some very similar nuances and a love for strange bodily contortions and expressions. Plus I guess from a viewer point of view it really seperates the two films, other wise you’d be dangerously close to getting the same film twice with part one and two.

Over all Evil Dead 2 is a superb watch and Sam Raimi is a master at this kind of horror and the revolutionary amounts of gore. You cannot really fault the film for its sheer entertainment value. I’ve seen it many times before and I’m sure I’ll be seeing it many times again! I will never get sick of this one.

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