Year of Release2013
DirectorFede Álvarez

I’m aware i just titled this one “Evil Dead Remake” but in many ways I don’t really feel this is a remake. To me it feels like a fourth instalment in what is a legendary franchise. Having said that many of the scenes have been transposed (for lack of a better word) into the new movie. Ie: the chainsaw v hand scene from ED 2, the tree rape scene has kind of been included to some degree, etc. One other thing before we get down to business is to clear up the fact there’s no ASH in this film. If you were hoping for Bruce Campbell you will be disappointed. I believe he was approached to be in the film but it never happened. Maybe this film can be considered a sequel incorporating the first two films? Who knows? Not me.


Plot wise, this movie revolves around a teenage group of friends who decide to get away for the weekend. Their friend Mia is addicted to heroin and her friends are hoping she can detox over the course of the weekend. Mia of course starts to go south without the drugs and is convinced there’s something sinister about the cabin they’ve chosen for the weekend. The others assume its her withdrawals kicking in (which is a fair assumption) and dismiss her concerns until the forest comes alive, corpses reanimate back to life and they start killing themselves one by one.

The special effects in this film are all CGI, which departs from the original feeling of the first two films. Having said that its all top notch stuff. The special effects are simply stunning. The gore is top notch and the movie itself is very well written and executued. Leading character Mia is played by Jane Levy i>(Suburbatory) and she does a great job and looks absolutely stunning I have to say. It makes it a lot easier for the viewer to connect with her as well.


Over all I really enjoyed this Evil Dead remake. I’ve grown old and don’t expect too much from remakes these days. This allows me to enjoy the film for what it really is, and this one is actually really good. I think any horror fan from whatever vintage would really not like this one. To me it feels like Evil Dead moved into the current decade. Sadly without Campbells humorous acting. You can’t have everything tho.

As much as I do like this nothing will replace the feeling I had when I saw the original movie. Do yourself a favour and check both of these out and our review of the original movie HERE!

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