Year of Release2005
DirectorWes Craven
StarringMatt Damon, Henry Rollins

Feast is by no means a classic of the horror genre. It is, however, a decent watch and manages to keep your attention the whole way through. It’s produced by horror legend Wes Craven (responsible for A Nightmare on Elm St. , and Last House on the Left amongst others). Based on pedigree alone you know it will be of at least decent quality. The creature effects and horror are top-notch. The horror looking very convincing with some genuinely disturbing scenes in this.

The movie itself revolves around a bar in “outback” America (presumably Texas). A few of the locals are having a quiet drink and a distressed traveler comes in warning of vicious creatures attacking everything in site. The locals board up the bar and prepare for the coming onslaught. The plot, though simple,  lends itself well to an all-out bloodbath. This is taken full advantage of!

The action pretty much takes place within the confines of the bar as one by one the drinkers are picked off by the flesh-eating creatures. The creatures themselves are hideous and well designed. The plot to Feast is fairly simple and straight forward (I’ve pretty much summed it up there). The group covers the usual stereotypes, a couple of tough biker looking types and singer Henry Rollins as a character called ‘Coach’.

The action moves along well and the film is quite enjoyable. Some impressive star power with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as two of the main barfly characters make sure this will have a larger than B grade appeal. Overall its less of a ‘thinker’ and more a sit back and enjoy the ride type of movie. I quite enjoyed this one. 

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