Year of Release1990
DirectorFrank Henenlotter.

Well Frankenhooker was a nice little surprise! The movie revolves around Jeff, who is an extremely smart and a talented “inventor”. He comes up with a remote control lawnmower for an elderly relatives birthday. Upon the demonstration at the family gathering his girlfriend Elizabeth accidentally turns the mower on herself and kills herself. Her body is shredded ard scattered everywhere in most excellently messy fashion. Amidst the grizzly clean up, Jeff manages to save her head with the hopes of re-animating her later on.

Jeff spends a long time agonising over the loss of his rather cute girlfriend and formulating his plan to bring her back to life. He comes up with the idea of luring hookers into a party where he plans to let them get under the influence of drug that Jeff formulated called “Super Crack” and kill them. He would then have access to some neat body parts to assemble a new body for Elizabeth.

This is hard one to not go into any further detail. I’ll refrain from totally ruining the plot a little to say he does managed to collect enough body parts to assemble his fiance. How does Elizabeth cope with being brought back to life? I won’t go any further and ruin it beyond that, So you’ll have to see the film for yourself!

The Final Verdict

Over all Frankenhooker was a fun bit of B grade goodness. There were some dubious acting moments. But it didn’t really take anything away from the film. This was never a film to be taken too seriously anyway. As you would (or should) expect from the a film like this theres lots of room for female nudity and needless violence. And it’s used to great effect. This is entertainment the whole way through. The gore is Pretty cool, in a semi comical way, lots of blood and dismemberments but done in a fairly comical way. Either way while this movie will never win any awards, it was a fun watch the whole way through and kept me well entertained!

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